Computer Telephony Integration: Improving Business Communications

woman speaking on the phone with client

Understanding Computer Telephony Integration What is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)? Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) refers to the technology that enables computers to interact with telephone systems. It allows for the seamless integration of voice and data services, facilitating more efficient communication processes within an organization. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) plays a pivotal role in modern […]

Strategies for a Productive First Contact with your Clients

productive first contact

Take time to focus on a productive first contact with Clients, so you can adjust the customer experience (CX) strategy to provide the best service. Regular clients are easy and enjoyable to work with. They are familiar with your company, have a good knowledge of your products and services, and are willing to forgive agents […]

8 Compelling Reasons UK SMEs Need an Internet-Based Calling System Before The BT Switch Off 2025

With the impending switch off of the BT landline system, business owners across the UK are tasked with finding a worthy replacement for their telecommunication needs. From cost-saving measures, improving efficiency, to streamlining workflows, the benefits of turning to an internet-based calling system are too substantial to ignore. Here, we’ve explored eight compelling reasons why […]

3 Benefits of WiFi Data Capture for Hotels

wifi data capture for hotels

It’s 2020 and we’re more connected than ever. When was the last time you visited a bar or restaurant that didn’t offer a free internet connection to its visitors? But, what if you could offer free guest WiFi and actually receive something in return… Enter WiFi Data Capture for Hotels.  What is WiFi Data Capture? […]

6 Ways 21st Century Phone Systems Help Hotels Succeed

We know that running a hotel can be a very stressful job! That’s why we are committed to making things as easy as possible for you with our phone systems. Managing staff, trying to get new customers and making sure everything in the hotel runs smoothly, it’s a lot. One thing we have noticed often […]

What Is The Best Phone System For Hotels?

So, you’re looking for a new phone system for your hotel… Maybe because you’re facing one of these problems with your current phone system: Your current phone system is outdated and not working well. You feel that enquiries may not always be dealt with in the best way so you would like to monitor and […]

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