3 Benefits of WiFi Data Capture for Hotels

wifi data capture for hotels
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It’s 2020 and we’re more connected than ever. When was the last time you visited a bar or restaurant that didn’t offer a free internet connection to its visitors? But, what if you could offer free guest WiFi and actually receive something in return… Enter WiFi Data Capture for Hotels. 

What is WiFi Data Capture?

WiFi data capture allows your customers to access a free guest internet connection using a really simple login process. But what is this simple login process? Visitors only need to login with a social media account or email address.  It’s as simple as that. Rather than giving out your WiFi password and allowing your guests to use your connection, you’re providing a totally separate WiFi just for your guests. This has many benefits, one being that your internet speeds don’t reduce during peak times. A guest WiFi connection with Yo Telecom is also totally secure. This ensures you’re keeping all of your customers’ personal information totally confidential. 

What are the Benefits for Hotel Visitors?

  • Fantastic WiFi 

With a fast, free and secure connection, your guests will be able to browse the internet, complaint-free. Do we need to say anymore?

  • Very Easy Login Process

Rather than having to repeatedly ask for the WiFi password in different areas of the hotel, guests can just log in, in all spaces, using their social media credentials.  With many people already having these autosaved, it really takes no time at all. 

What are the Benefits of WiFi Data Capture for Hotels?

  • Increased Facebook Likes

Following a guest logging into your WiFi with their Facebook account, you can ask them to like your page in return. Not only does this boost your following, which on its own is beneficial as it helps to make your hotel look more popular, it also has other benefits too. 

When someone interacts with a page, it shows up in their friends’ feeds. This not only increases the awareness of your brand but can even lead to additional room bookings should their friends check out your page and like what they see. 

A third benefit of an increased social following is that all organic content will have a bigger reach. With a bigger following, your posts will have a bigger audience, win, win. 

  • More Google Reviews

With so many hotels all over the country, having the most Five Star Google Reviews in your area is a great way to stand out compared to your competitors. 

Following logging into your WiFi, our software allows you to contact your visitors asking them how they found their visit to your hotel. If a customer clicks that they had a great experience, this takes them straight to a Google Review page allowing them to leave a brilliant review of their visit. 

But what happens if people indicate that they didn’t have the best experience at your hotel? This sends an email directly to your team allowing them to resolve the issue timely and privately. 

  • Creation of a Bumper Mailing List 

Having collected email addresses from all of your WiFi users, why not send out regular promotional emails to market your current offers or events? This is a great way of re-engaging old visitors and getting them back into your hotel for another stay. 

If you’d like WiFi Data Capture for your hotel, drop your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch! 

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