8 Compelling Reasons UK SMEs Need an Internet-Based Calling System Before The BT Switch Off 2025

With the impending switch off of the BT landline system, business owners across the UK are tasked with finding a worthy replacement for their telecommunication needs. From cost-saving measures, improving efficiency, to streamlining workflows, the benefits of turning to an internet-based calling system are too substantial to ignore. Here, we’ve explored eight compelling reasons why small to medium-sized businesses should consider making this pivotal transition before 2025. 

First off, let us point out that embracing change can open a ‘Pandora’s box’ of benefits. For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the move towards internet-based calling systems is all about staying ahead, being agile, and opening doors to new business opportunities. Let’s dig deeper into this perspective. 

1. Empowering Remote Work 

In the wake of the pandemic, remote work has become an integral part of business operations. Internet-based calling systems allow employees to connect with their colleagues and clients from anywhere, fostering greater efficiency and productivity. 

Moreover, the elasticity of these systems accommodates the impending flux within the workforce. As your business expands or contracts, the adaptability of internet-based calling systems can easily scale to meet your needs without unnecessary expenditure or logistical hurdles. Whether you’re hiring more employees or streamlining your team, these systems can flexibly adjust to your requirements. 

Setting the standard for communication quality, internet-based calls offer clear and reliable connectivity. You no longer have to worry about frustrating disruptions or the bad echo that sometimes accompanies traditional phone services. This enhancement of your business communication can synonymously elevate client experience and team collaboration. 

In light of the wide range of advantages, internet-based calling systems are presenting a compelling case for businesses, especially small to medium-sized ones, to make the switch. Given the BT shift on the horizon, there’s no better time than now for SMEs in the UK to explore these potent communication tools and propel their business into a future of seamless, efficient, and cost-effective communications.

2. Limitless Scalability 

With an internet-based calling system, businesses don’t need to constantly invest in new infrastructure to accommodate growth. They can add or remove users to the system with ease, thus providing an opportunity for limitless scalability – a pivotal factor for SMEs poised for growth. 

As your business evolves, so should your communication systems. Traditional phone systems might require you to purchase new hardware or software, which can be costly and time-consuming. But with an internet-based calling system, all updates and enhancements can be accessed in real time without any added costs or complexities. This way, you can keep your focus where it truly matters – on growing your business. 

Moreover, growth for SMEs often means entering new markets, both domestically and internationally. As your teams spread across different geographical locations, coordination will become increasingly complex with a traditional phone system. Internet calling systems, however, allows your team to stay connected, irrespective of their location. They can make calls, join meetings, even share screens, just like sitting in next room. Not only will this boost collaboration and productivity, but also eliminate hefty international call charges you might have to bear otherwise.

Lastly, scalability isn’t just about accommodating more employees or expanding to new locations. It also means being able to adjust to different business cycles and workload fluctuations. Internet-based calling systems can be easily upsized or downsized as required. Say goodbye to the inflexible contracts and fixed costs. Embrace convenience and control like never before!

3. High-Quality Calls 

Internet-based systems deliver high-quality, crystal clear voice calls, elevating the standard of communication within your business sphere. This can help to enhance customer service and maintain a professional image. 

Not only do these modern systems offer superior sound quality, they’re also incredibly reliable. With internet-based calling systems, gone are the days where a dropped call or poor reception tarnished your business reputation. Today, you can keep business conversations running smoothly, ensuring that every point is heard and understood. 

On top of that, these innovative systems are equipped with features that traditional phone services simply cannot match. Features like call recording, call forwarding, and voicemail to email are just the tip of the iceberg. This can empower your employees with tools that make their workday more efficient and productive. 

And let’s not overlook the convenience of having an internet-based calling system. Since it operates via the internet, these systems allow your employees to connect and communicate from virtually anywhere. So whether they’re working from home, traveling for business, or even if they’re momentarily out of office, staying connected is effortless. 

Lastly, think about the continuity of your business. In an age where cyber threats are a real concern, having an internet-based calling system offers added layers of security. Many service providers ensure that data is encrypted and systems are monitored for any potential threats. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your sensitive business communications are secure. 

With the impending BT switch, now is the time to explore and embrace the benefits of an internet-based calling system. For small to medium sized businesses in particular, this technology stands to be a game-changer, ushering in a new era of efficient, high-quality, and secure communication.

4. Back-up and Recovery Options 

One of the strengths of internet-based calling systems lies in their built-in data recovery options. In case of an unforeseen incident, your data is secure and easily recoverable, giving you peace of mind in knowing your business continuity is protected. 

For instance, imagine a heavy storm has damaged your office’s telco infrastructure, making it impossible for your business to communicate with clients. In the past, you’d have to wait for the weather to clear and the phone company to repair the damage before you could get back to business as usual. With an internet-based calling system, you won’t miss a beat. You can quickly and easily restore your system from a secured cloud-based backup while the physical damage is being repaired. 

Furthermore, modern cloud telephony systems can automate data backups, doing them at scheduled intervals, whether it’s daily or weekly, depending on your preference. This ensures you have a safety net in place without worrying about manual operations, and can focus more on your core tasks. 

Also, in terms of security, internet-based calling systems often rely on rigorous encryption methods, adding an extra layer protection for your sensitive data. This helps in situations where your security might be compromised due to hacks or data breaches. With such measures in place, you have one less thing to worry about, allowing you to confidently embrace future technologies. 

The BT switch presents an opportunity to revamp your business communication systems, ensuring data recovery and business continuity is seamless and efficient. An internet-based calling system not only reduces recovery time but also minimises potential losses from interruptions, giving your business the resilience to bounce back from any situation and stay on course.

5. Cost-Effective 

An internet-based calling system is a cost-effective alternative to traditional landline telephony, this shift can bring about significant savings for your business. 

When we delve deeper, it is apparent that cost savings stretch beyond the bare reduction in call charges. Opting for a digital communication system dismisses the need for expensive equipment that traditional phone systems demand. Gone are the costs associated with maintenance, installations, and on-site analog systems.  

What’s more, the UK market awaits an overhaul. Following the BT switch, businesses are on the brink of an essential change. No longer will they have the safety net of their traditional landline system as support. “

Fortunately, some businesses across the UK have already made the switch, providing a practical, reassuring road map.  Ranging from small start-ups to established SMEs, these companies have demonstrated substantial savings and have unlocked a plethora of benefits by moving to an internet calling setup. 

Thus, investing in an internet calling system is no longer a futuristic consideration, but an immediate necessity that brings with it an array of benefits, particularly for SMEs. The efficiency, scalability, and substantial cost savings linked with internet calling already make it a standout choice, and with the imminent BT switch, it’s now an indispensable part of your business strategy.

Switching to an internet-based calling system before the BT switch off is more than just staying connected. It’s about driving business growth, improving efficiency and securing your business continuity. It’s a step towards future-proofing your business in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

6. Competitive Edge 

In a saturated business landscape where your competitors are just a click away, having a competitive edge is essential. An internet-based calling system not only positions your business as technologically adept but also shows your adaptability to new trends, which can be incredibly appealing to both potential partners and customers alike. 

Imagine this: you’re submerged in an essential business call when suddenly, your traditional phone system fails. Not only are you left high and dry, but it also sends a poor impression about your firm’s sophistication and adaptability. An internet based calling system eliminates this type of problem, offering you a reliable connection you can count on. 

Moreover, the way you handle your communications says a lot about your company. Utilizing a modern internet-based calling system suggests you’re not stuck to outdated methods and are willing to adapt to deliver the best service possible. This can be a magnet in attracting other forward-thinking organisations to associate and do business with you.

Additionally, this commitment to innovation might also lure in tech-savvy talents who are looking for an innovative and forward-thinking workplace where they can contribute. The end result here is a win-win situation for your company; you’re attracting both high-value associates and high-quality manpower. 

To sum up, as we shift towards the digital transformation era, an internet based calling system is not a luxury for your business, but an essential tool. The variety of benefits it offers can’t be understated. It can enhance your company’s reputation, reliability, flexibility and most importantly, its ability to attract customers and employees. This is why adopting an internet-based calling system is a prudent strategic decision, which will greatly contribute towards your business’ overall growth and success.

7. Efficient Call Routing 

Imagine this – a customer is trying to reach you, but your line is busy. With traditional phone systems, they’d likely hang up, possibly leaving with a negative customer experience. However, with an internet-based calling system like voice over IP (VoIP), calls can be routed to the next available line, ensuring that no call – or potential business opportunity – slips through the cracks.  

Besides ensuring that every call is taken care of, internet-based calling systems also provide advanced call analytics. Ever wondered about your busiest times of day or the average call length? Tracking such metrics can be quite crucial for strategical decisions to optimize operational efficiency. VoIP providers typically offer an analytics dashboard where you can gain insights on such useful metrics. 

Moreover, the geographical independence of VoIP means that your phone number, or indeed your entire phone system, is not tied to one particular location. This flexibility can be immensely beneficial for businesses with multiple sites, remote teams, or plans to expand. It enables you to take your business number with you, regardless of whether you’re at a different office branch or working remotely from a coffee shop. 

Finally, the introduction of the Digital Economy Act 2017 in the UK means that from 2025, traditional analogue phone lines will be phased out altogether. BT is curbing sales of its ISDN and PSTN networks from September 2023 and the complete switch-off will be by December 2025. If you still depend on a traditional phone system, now is the time to start planning your move to an internet-based calling system. 

In conclusion, the switch to an internet based calling system isn’t just a side option – it serves as an inevitable transition that businesses should ready themselves for. And given the myriad of advantages – from improved scalability to affordable costs and advanced metrics – this shift promises vast potential for businesses to thrive in a digital age.

8. Seamless Integration with Other Business Tools 

Investing in an internet-based calling system isn’t just about the calls; it’s about how this modern technology can augment and work together with the tools you are already using in your business. Seamless integration is not only possible but is among the crucial features an internet-based calling system brings to your operations. 

Say, for instance, you’re using Salesforce, Hubspot, or Zendesk for your customer management or sales process. An internet-based calling system can be integrated smoothly with these platforms, thereby enabling your staff to make and receive calls directly within these apps. This reduces the time they spend switching between screens and tools, and thus, boosts productivity significantly. 

Even more, these integrations can record and log calls, automatically saving vital customer data. These records can help form a more comprehensive customer profile and significantly contribute to personalized and effective customer service – a crucial aspect in today’s highly competitive business environment. 

By the end of 2025, you can expect even more advanced integration options as technology continues to evolve rapidly. The truth is, the BT switch is an opportunity to streamline and upgrade your operations, not just a regulatory obligation to comply with.

Here’s something that makes the choice even easier: Yo Telecom. With our unrivalled commitment to helping businesses make a smooth transition to internet calling systems, YoTelecom stands as an impressive solution for businesses looking for a flawless, future-ready communication model. 

Yo Telecom goes beyond just offering an internet-based calling system. We understand that your business is distinct, with its unique communication demands and nuances. Therefore, we offer bespoke solutions, tailored to meet your specific communication and needs. Our experienced team is ever-ready to provide top-notch support, making sure that every one of your requirements is met without a hitch.

Choose Yo Telecom and ride the wave of digital transformation, positioning your business for uninterrupted success in the years to come.

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